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Joseph Hunton

Joseph Hunton
Owner & Practitioner

Being in pain is exhausting. Every aspect of life requires more effort. Simple activities drain your reserves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Your ability to do the things you love contracts and the world shrinks. You can easily become depressed about your condition and anxious about the future. You wonder if you can be the person you really want to be. You ask when will it end, when will I feel good again?

There is a solution to your pain, emotional distress, and compromised quality of life. Your body can return to its’ natural pain-free alignment. I have developed a treatment program, utilizing a combination of cutting-edge bodywork techniques.

My name is Joseph Hunton and I have been working with people and their bodies since 1998. I am a Certified Hellerwork Practitioner and Licensed Massage Practitioner.  My unique combination of manual therapy techniques range from structural deep tissue massage, to gentle visceral and cranial manipulation, to subtle energy medicine.

My approach is practical and results oriented. I look for the underlying causes of your pain and dysfunction. My goal is to unwind tension and unlock patterns of strain held in your body. My work facilitates alignment, balance, order, flexibility, and ease.


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